How to apply

This is the sub-page for the university admissions administration Department. It also shows us about the courses numbers, entitled headlines subjectively soas to reinforce our self the decision and the professional selection which is equitable to apply.

Despite, the university is new on the lower livelihood earth colleageosly so it will offer to her students a new phenomenon knowledge from the upper livelihood zone in which everybody is supposed to touch and reach after death as post birth creation legitimacy order principally.

Let as know that our life creation knowhow storytelling scripts adding mission is just the first admission order in which we cannot know and add ideas first but we have the learning bill  of rights performance.

The courses you can apply;

  1. Diploma for the lifetime knowledge programation Course. (Civic & Social Work)
  • Generation Education Essay MIADA-GEE Subject
  • Earology Subject
  • Dosoundic Latino Languages Matter
  • 2. Post-graduate Diploma course for Journalism & Politics
  • Mass media and Communication
  • Science Journalism Subject
  • Dosoundic Latino Linguage Matter

3. Diploma of Philosophy and Religion Science Study 


For more details personal interview and asking to us questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at; Email: