SOWMESHA University is planning to make sure the production of a new knowledge book next year of 2024. This book will gain a new phenomenon understanding to the whole education matters healing, recording, facinating and doing her monitoring and evaluation processes due to the whatsapp on to it before the 2030 sustainable development goals (SDGs).

The University of SOWMESHA is a collegiate research university based in the internet. It is the largest university in the world in particularly the lower chamber. Although its history as an educational institution dates back to 1425, it did not become an independent university until 2020 in lower chamber livelihood on the soil.

The Contents:

The Readyiology Educational Development Scope subject is done including, Heartology, Noiseology, Tangueology, voiceology, aerology and Iology. As result of that, there will be a imaginable figures within the book just to understand the imperative meanings in a better informative and educative way of style.

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