First of all, SOWMESHA University is home to all of the world’s best scholars, researchers and experts in diverse fields. We pride ourselves in providing value-adding research-intensive hub via the university with a reputation for excellence and a strong and vibrant research culture.

What is a word?

A word is a basic element of language that carries an objective or practical meaning, can be used on its own, and it can be a uni-interruptible component one with two or more meaningful standards from a Latino language or with two or three sub-versional languages comes from it due to the wordical mechanisms.

What do we mean Commonsense?

Common sense is sound or noises, practical judgement concerning everyday matters, or a basic ability to perceive, understand, and judge in a manner that is shared by something mutual to the society in one place or neighbors.

However, SOWMESHA University is going to present you the everyday understanding of commonsense programs, matters and equips which is ultimately derived from historical philosophical discussions and can be Geoeducation once in a renewal matter and with imaginable relevant terms of use from Latin language and her sub-languages.

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