Despite, Sowmesha University ambition is to engender the belief in learning for life and to stimulate growth through education. We foster in our students the spirit and the will to advance themselves and to thrive in their communities.

Once upon a time, there was unclear imaginations, historical old adages and lack of good behaviors cultures and residences since the creation of the world in general. This caused by the lack of basic literature, goodwill hypoctic emotions, religious visions and knowledge at large.

This current literature community in petional nature of UN-system refurnished after the BC, AC and FIES Kynatures and are even still in a fragile emotion status while by actually redefining what they are and where they including starting from the ICRC and Cressent-cross society episode due to the absolute rare remanualing basic efforts yet ongoing to their habituated livelihoods including maping their resettlement, knowledge, and allocating for their all-healing fascination protocols. As result of that, they say that the term “first world” originally applied to countries that were aligned with the United States and other Western nations in opposition to the former Soviet Union. First world countries are often characterized by prosperity, democracy, and stability—both political and economic.

However, let us see the way SOwmesha University add-olding the whole descriptive recycling world ground shaped as the egg or roud-circle from upper to down sides in better way we can all see the strategics.

 ZERO-livelihood stage, it was at a level of “Faithwhere” to us imaginable and bibled community before there birth-age. Hookly, the BC, AC, FIES and ICRC and Cressent-cross society Kynatures episodely are the real stabilizers  creatures afterwhile it was dealthed and ended their macirious emotion statusiously.

W1 stage, Conceptiouly. The concept of “Second World” was a construct of the so geolisted or under-signed as Cold War and the term is still largely used to describe former communist countries that are between poverty and prosperity, many of which are now capitalist states, such as Eastern Europe. In addition to that, the concept of “Second World” was a construct of the Cold War and the term is still largely used to describe former communist countries that are between poverty and prosperity, many of which are now capitalist states, such as Eastern Europe.

W2 stage, As political science, the Three Worlds Theory is a Maoist interpretation and geopolitical reformulation of international relations, which is different from the Three-World Model, created by the demographer Alfred Sauvy in which the First World comprises the United States, the United Kingdom, and their allies; the …

In the field of international relations, the Three Worlds Theory of Mao Zedong proposed to the visiting Algerian President Houari Boumédiène in February 1974 that the international system operated as three contradictory politico-economic worlds.

What is the Third World term?

People often use the term “Third World” as shorthand for poor or developing nations. By contrast, wealthier countries such as the United States and the nations of Western Europe are described as being part of the “First World.” Where did these distinctions come from, and why do we rarely hear about the “Second World?”

W3 stage, however, we have seen that a very big difference was exists and yet is unexpective to redeem by means of resolving the old, middle and newcomer Aimeotic historical ions on the way and over auto Faithwhere to us nature.

Sowmesha University is thanking the optic companies from the pathways Green-Bluetic substicative circles better saving the world’s heritage knowledge including Google, Youtube, wordpress, twitter, wikipedia and much more others.

In a finaliot hub, the University of SOWMESHA is underlined to be well dynamic preparious institute and even much needed opted oupiously. As result of that, the startation temptation of the Faithwhere to us society in the third 3w stimatation dompt is just dotcon.

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