Bodytech is an ideal program for human being both in and outside for their bodymeat healthcare industry who are interested in being on the wealth edge of the digital transformation.

The collective real-world expertise of the program’s faculty serves to ensure that the skills you learn are directly applicable to your chosen career path. By the fact that each course in the program starts with a case study drawn directly from Bodytech system Lab Clinic. As you advance through the program, you’ll analyze these case studies, interact with experts, do hands-on projects, and more.

Disruptive forces are at work in the healthcare field of our bodymeat and doing challenges every hour– and the pace of change is picking up. From new business models to geometric to the Internet of your body Things, the field is quickly being redefined.

In this webinar, you’ll hear from program staff who will explain the admission process, program requirements, timelines, and value of pursuing this innovative degree. Save your spot today and come prepared with questions!

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