The Global Laptop Child, The Epox Religions Admin calls UN membership reshuffle and recounting fake propositioning territories there. This call comes after God’s dash for visit on the earth a time it was created the plan of the Sowmesha University.

“There scroll of nations but not yet created in a quality way of territories in those needs global retreating and reforming before the official restartization the UN upper chamber system covering the pathways leaderships patrol amalgamation processes.

Finally but not the list for the issues wordical verses reordering campaigns and advocacy under God’s salvative mission. This will pave the way the processing of the new erative Zepra education project from Zearotic mallier from God as John, the Baptist. The order is part of the Global Sustainable development Goals (SDGs) by responding the needs through in a territorial way of human being societal purism apart from the upper chamber livelihoods needs while the matter is different in mind as well as in a qualitative vitality.

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