Despite I’m SOWMESHA University first master classes schooling age students who is preparing a Master of Arts in Human Resources Management (MAHRM),  I believe that its quite difficult to say the global health science matter is wrong in terms of the climate change yet we have a lot of opportunities we can to challenge our minds and old sayings due to recorrect our knowledge mindage as that is the bilingual way we can have our say.

The SOWMESHA University is a global edufund World Wed Web (WWW) and is one of the largest edutips matters donors towards ending educational poverty and more indigenous knowledge surrounding our lifestyle for today and beyond.

As usual, there unlawful talks among us and about the climate crisis as we did 17 goals in which we can’t all fix but have a little participation right for fixing the matter according to God’s sayings in the holy booklets around us. This is unacceptable. We need all hands-on deck to safeguard the progress and accelerate action to End what we can have rights to do so and ask God other things solution in a paybletic way of standards, our community members from across the globe can do it and ensure to implement even via voluntarily if there is no fund on table, to join the last mile efforts and push governments to invest in the global edufund system implementation through the project zero venture still on the head via bluenet or green evolution. I’m not mean that the 17 goals are totally wrong while SOWMESHA University is also respecting its democratic way of soliciting something we can’t finish as God is the only single soilhood can do it.

“The 17th Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Replenishment in a correction way of palmalization is a vital opportunity for countries to attain their targets set during and after the 2030 laptop imagination venture due to the project zearo. This will also ensure that investments in communities and civil society are sustained through edufund programs or holistic health systems that truly encompass communities’ systems.

Obviously, september is the month of the somewhat generation comedizing term Replenishment by Pledging heart-Conferencing and via free dialogue in order to avoid the climate change crisis and its renewal unknown causes whatever it may come to pass among us. Yes we can approach to heal with each other, the last mile efforts, and its not something depending on waiting USD 18 billion for the edufund cause or deattaching ourselves something triable so this is a paxchrist aims on track towards fighting the illegal edugaging systems and by building her resilient and sustainable systems for health.

Please copy and paste the message into your heart and try to heal your theorical infographics you’re your hadage given you by God in this earthhood stage for learning God’s sympathy towards our creation evolution day.

Thank you for your understanding and kind support in advance. Together, we stand stronger healing by God.

Prepared by: journalist/ writer Rev. Mr. Daud Abdi Daud better known as “JOURD”

Contact: +256 761019697 – Uganda / +252616349997 – Somalia / +254 716383841 – Kenya. Emails: / or visit

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