Sowmesha University is an institution dedicated to providing quality and excellent education to students for higher education in across the lower chamber of the world and beyond. It is the only chartered Worldwide Web Wed University in the world and beyond as it is the sole and the single leading higher education institution been exists both generations’ livelihood spaces.

The University will teach us about the death decoration, as death is our common denominator — our shared, unavoidable journey’s start outstandingly from birth to death and formerly from death to life due to redefine the life edulife system exists naturally — but how we handle it varies widely from community to community knowhow shared circles with mixed accounts. Approximately, nearby 1 billion people from different religion aspects with different rewardships die each day in the world and that number will increase rapidly as the done shaxer approaches the ends of their lives temptation.

Some faiths cremate their dead, while others bury them. Some observe rituals long after a loved one’s death, while for others; the formalities are complete with the funeral. Many families are now far from their heritages’ birthplaces, so they’ve adapted ceremonies to fit their surroundings. Traditions also evolve naturally across generations. To learn more about the ways we deal with death related research reports you have to be well connected with us and stay with as eduknee fellow as you can visit to us every time.

The Missionary Preachership

Our mission is to prepare creative and independent thinkers who are capable and confident global citizens by provide liberal education for undergraduates, to conduct research, and to contribute to society including the economy and culture. It is the responsibility of all professors to teach, to conduct research, and to provide service to their university and to society.

The Visionary Cooperation

 To provide excellent services to students and stakeholders in the management of academic programmes and to facilitate efficient policy formulation and implementation of the decisions of the University management on academic issues and those that enhance the development of a holistic student.

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