Despite, the media professionals aim is just news dissemination, social entertaining and dialogues creation and among the communities in order to reproduce good optional opinions can change or shape their behavioral characters at all levels yet there is undescribed matters for change in which are indigenous and regular principals under obligation.

The most commonly and conventional once are the pathways religious holy scripts and their branchial storytelling sub-script booklets.

If not redetermined them and allow them to better meet bilateral recorrection for their basic terminological errors which are idiom and came with someway on the Earth without official permitted teacher who was supposed to translate them by spreading their ideals, there will be a common problems and chaos tensions among the nature community.

However, I’m the single souled person who has the right permission to do so and from different society with different religious entity, perspectives and cultures.

My Narrative Conscience

Is to tell the real story nature, the real religiously motivated philosophies existed or exist adages and the real human being aimicious mission creation yet not the human being alone the whole human-like and humankinds genetics on the Earth.

Apart from the, UN chartered and conventional statement in which is article 19 which says that an international human rights organisation that works to defend and promote freedom of expression and freedom of information worldwide and as was founded in 1987.

Our God promotes freedom of expression and access to information through the holy books including the holy Engeal booklet specially “Goaldone 19” in which says that God declares that media’s role is central to the transformation of any society, by continuing and telling us for the meaning of freedom and access to information he also said “And telling our story does not mean lying about ourselves does not mean hiding any problems but it means telling the full story about ourselves but freedom from me you can never be free unless you love yourself. “For the start, and loving your self means telling your story from the way you see it”.

I was created an education initiative hub better named as Church Media Creativity (CMC) is a real epox fragment theorical serious in which everybody needs to acknowledge her religious theories under obligation and by obliterating whatever rumours or old adages may-pass before his birth due to ensuring sufficient and independent historical recorrection when it comes to religious issues.

Obviously, understanding what is about Journalism is the real solution we can all achieve the result for what “RELIGION” word is meant purposely by God. As result of that, to be God’s messenger is not easy but yet is better for working as a prophetic way.

Callviously, I’m the R-be person of the Koora circles society from UN territorial livelihoods both the upper and the lower chambers of the Earth. This episode is elegant by the way ovisonism lawsuit from last 200 years approximately 2000 years in the past until the end of the third thousand year 3000yrs calculatedly. as result of that, I’m the child laptob winner who is also the global epox aims admin.

By: Daud Abdi Daud “JOURD”

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