The aim for having good water and sanitation is just an important issue but it needs to functionalize her policy from national, regional and global potentiality. As result of that, it also needs to make sure its urgent mechanisms in order to help improve its ground megacity. At this matter, water supplies are a major issue and it will be subsidized by helping to the families.

During each year there will be a water crisis and shortages in across the world as it is a common modality work by God and no one can rid of it even try to change that role from God but the human being needs to maintain it and ensure adaptation though they have the right to rebuild and repair their wells all the time to ensure a permanent source of clean water.

The process to dig a tube well is labor-intensive and requires survey and planning. With unrelenting efforts by the groups who know it like the engineering professionals. Sanitation is all time matter in which human being needs to maintain it and keep up their hygiene. Clean Water Provide sanitized water for impoverished families and help tackle water-borne diseases and water crisis during the dry season.

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