Gender Equality is vocal measured intergenerational norm among human being families including men’s and women’s in order to standardize their quality of lifecycles when it comes education, marriage, job opportunities and religion believes. However, equality is achieved when people are treated the same, regardless of what they look like or where they come from. There have been times when groups of people have experienced discrimination, but changes in America like the Women’s Suffrage movement helped to achieve more equal treatment for different groups.  Equality is defined as the condition of being equal, or the same in quality, measure, esteem or value. When men and women are both viewed as being just as smart and capable as each other, this is an example of equality of the sexes. noun. (uncountable) The fact of being equal.

According to their age and philosophical childish matter boys and girls cannot be equal with their further’s and mother’s till to reach the adultage periods. Obviously, the children under 18yrs of dages will be under their parent’s control as it was redefined the religious holy scripts.

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