A-like Cv-live style of God’s only formatted way as own-one which can use this A-like position but there is a semi-Cv-live  prophetic circle group who are always the social chiefs at any spaces and platforms as God-like similar with Issa Massie and Daud David though they are from same prophetic circle there is no anyone who knows the other.

Philanthropically, raw/roa has erupted among Issa Massie who is the first non-body heart-shower as radio FM over the dyed human being and the humankind speaking society in the sky and Daud David who is similar with him but speaked-out as “MW Megahearts” though both of them are God’s prophets and religious missionary ministers just to understand with each other whereas Issa Massie was the first amendment actor for the oldest and the late-newest holy scripts such as the Bible and the Koran and who lives at the upper livelihood area in the sky zone while Daud David is upcoming philanthropic teacher in general lifestyles on the soilhood zone of UUN basic training space channel. The raw/roa has come up with a quick dash for visit which was unfortunate aim and caused by Daud Davids Air-calls remmittation as lifecycles callier when Issa Massie forget about Daud’s missionary vision temple mails which was on the way and reshared to him by Daud’s lifemate wife “WARIS” just view seasonal century ago before Issa’s Soilhood zone return arrival arrangements.

The pathways leadership cool-war was based on talkshow through poems and songs such as “Issa said first I’M a person toiled by you an Love which tagged me so can I find you support, Daud replied While you are newcomer-toy first let me know what did you think who am ‘I?; Issa said again Likely described humanism trickiest maythink I hope to obtain and over like the wind-waves women as aunt whatever marchful Mathew is and surrounded to me which I can’t go-behind, Daud replied again your talks like the tours is not reaching the whole  mixerer though I was passed on your side so let me rediscuss back with my accompanied lifemate so have looked talk with by a month and week. “For how bigman is to go it must be showed by a sir cause so you said it to me though could you give a hand at the soil-arc, Daud thirdly replied by saying if you come to patience we will never miss the summer so why are you tomed the talk?”.

Obviously, Issa Massie got angry with Daud David’s air-calls recitation and started discussing with his mind by quoting some Daud’s prioritized maythink aims and said “You peace ‘0-oow” what should I?; God got it and responded both Issa and Daud by saying Love to me love to you baby how, how merry-wave want tick take sixty-nine (Issa is 65 yrs like whereas his mother is 50yrs old) I love because than the love secret on this guy year I so love to you love to me baby the creation day in love this mean “Y-I” aboars day in love this day yeey so the master worldwide war in the world must be for a women more than you hear-of yes, like what at the Dev yes, it’s really worldwide on yes,  one more let me open your treasure.!

In addition to that, our God was further shared Issa and Daud more detailed infos for the “Bad-SH” day in which Issa felt with as films and sensed Daud’s speech by expressing some add-on shaxer temple of words  through Indian language as common soundonic again “Kaahi dool such kaa forbidden “0o-oow” hour, kaahi ban key eyachel “0o-oow” hour, kaahi “0o-oow” to koollabi “0o” hour, kaahi Jaalle Sharabii “0o’ hour, kaahi Al-kamachaddo “0o” hour, kaahi jism such qushboow “0o” hour, kaahi nairmi niigahii “0o” hour, kaahi gourio baahii “0o” hour, her “Y” her such dam such dam funny lack who  “A” c-naihi her, ham maagar yet deal such doonka deni “U” c-ya hei her; Lier key joo sex-c “A” lack heee “0o” lier key joo sabti “A” lack heee. “Kit-nee hei Jaal-v her are core “M” cool “T” her cheeltii chatdanii, kiss-nee hei “0o” “B-T” heee kaa “NUU” mee cool-ti her jiintii ragganii ciin-jaalleey jaar-seey paal tra-cii kaakeey “0o-jaalleey-jaarsay” draa each lier key, yeey millie jaarsay draa sharma’arkeey, “0o” millie jaarsay draa iid lier key. “Goal shankii her poa qaallii joo siree poolose bill kuul her chudtaa gaabka hie yeer deeka her heenatko maa heesa roobatka yaa kaah “up-D” cee heee baaba “G” heee.

“Similar with the leb-right for the Saylor audition is described to reeda likely me is also to obtain a love, when two is cheating with each other my heartmind is thinking that they are next twine of main while maythink is never changed as loan as it is the unrest life over you due to becoming sunshine-diamond; The love secret instructor when the wind-waves take to him and expanded over the “LIEMAN” where your foot isn’t reachout the failer and the weaker who don’t want your leb-right ever due to making the slightest business on the whitejunk history trajectories though my maythink will not finish her loan towards the unrest lookout circle-foot due to you”.

The X-preach Issa Massie returns to the both Global livelihood peaches by resolving whatever passed argues among him and the new comer evil nouphe tone man.

Talking to the subjector preacher he said”Despite an logistic matter aroayed with real companion though over surprised with it and moving around the street, it stressed me and never be asleep, it never be hear my warnings while her seasonal mission appears omigrant. “It was not big what we have done to sofar while she was cutoff our domic resistant issues such the furtherisation by me as a man of God but it’s not a goodwise to regret with your self-orienteer as well as your murderer and even never cheer-up with an have your say wisdom alike cortage so don’t read me the back ward storytelling’s though you have the legitimacy and leave whatever sporadic news argues may pass or over ahead”.

It was indeed a very good conversation and knowhow profiled time happen though the religious pathways leadership agreed not to reverginalize such God’s family history almses and be a portable myrethmism xpreacher’s.

Pope Daud of David increased his Manipolicy operations in order to express the religious matters still ill-treated throughout the world.

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