As political and religious science metapolitic apparatus is changed hour per eraotic order legacy from God the current Three Worlds Theory (DWD) is a Maoist interpretation and geopolitical reformulation of international relations, which is different from the current Inter-governmental Model, created by the Chemistry God who is demographer Alfred in which the First World compressed Aljabretic recurring framework rehabilitation model through tenant policy.

The FIES, +org and C-org were the first blood natured Inter-governmental organizations though after them were emitted the United Nations (UN) as the latest but not permanent geopolitical initiative of the world. The era of Empires ended a new ways of Inter-governmental disorder erupted while still the world policy makers are not promoting the nature solutions ahead. (UN-signtific sign is X+org

Is the concept of the Third World relevant today?

Probably yes, because yet there is aligned and neutral territorial spaces at the third level livelihood in the skyhood zone in which are also unknown on the ground floor but enriched their mortality and patience.

The old concept of “Third World” no longer applies and rich countries cannot impose their will on developing nations that are now major sources of global growth.

Originally Answered: Are there any fifth world countries? NOPE. There is something called fourth world, but that does not refer to complete countries just to certain territories inside countries. As the result from now in which is under the SOWMESHA University resources sore in the Fieswide issues documentation room, the third world theory from the so imaginated hebrotye scale is the freedom allowance on the upcoming nations from within old nation, Empire or territorial federation.

What is a fourth world country?

The Fourth World is an outdated term used to describe the most underdeveloped, poverty-stricken, and marginalized regions of the world. Many inhabitants of these nations do not have any political ties and are often hunter-gatherers that live in nomadic communities, or are part of tribes.

Addition to that, at sometimes the hebrotic aims are undergoing a ruler person, like leader or such respected further from the religious leadership-side. Example Pointedly, Pope Daud of Jourdi Sir Yoon is now under the world religious and policy leadership attracter.

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