Despite the world knowledge is still fragile, climate change is remaining renewal and armed conflicts became major challenges our Chemistry God was sent to us for a retreated envoy or affaires-ten especially for those on the lower soilhood space ruled by the United Nations (UN) as oldtotalic ambassador for peace, mediation and the education transformation at all level.

The pope is e-know better known as Daud David Jourdi by the English meaning way of minored responsipale to act the new world order and confront with the so called “War on Terror” in order to save lives through peace manner.

Previously, this man of David was a man after his heart and well known in the broadcasting vital links including the religious matters, this man David who took courier’s wife, this man David who took happy guy, this man David who sent raier to be killed, this man David of whom the Israel Air song that soul kills by the thousands and the David by tens of thousands.

According to the whole world poems and songs Daud of David (Mean time expression norm) is not died till to remet his God the way you have heard his energy and portfolio amendments. No one can kiil him with gun fire bullets, bomb attacks and car exploitations.

For those of you know how lifebody can act tech-innovations Rev. Daud’s main body lifebody is techbody earophication metadata in which the upper zone death community can hear his talks and can take chatting.

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