The SOWMESHA University is still investigating God’s trip on the Earth by patrolling to the community hygiene while climate change issues are mega and is becoming dire. As result of that, the university is counting the trip coast whatever poemed storytelling news exist in across the world though some yet handled it.

“As Muchmore, such who-go symbolic method which I told myself from down to higher scale while elsewhere is the mainpoint so better to boost my own by the way, the grim was love though I was believe that it was killed by Boodari, the grim was love never relaxed wound but no one can get hospitality in which located to the liver, heart and the lungs so I was believe as lie that pre-love is metallic. “AS the river is flooding, cultivates the farms, seeds looms upper the soil, flowers appears the shrubberies, food and the maize chucked at the Pals, UNEP became cooked , the Palism ChrisTmas emerges  at the morning, while the national tribes are on G.U, as ones upon a time arrived  PLADMAIN. “There is king’s saw at the soilhood city side and seems water diamonds as the hermain appearance in which fulfilled bills, as Sraix of times on the gullet which is expression like  Palmal of as Waggener whereas the teaching hub is almost from left to right ire but released an white expander”.

It was a wonderful episode when it was like the way God expressed his trip to the society city on the soilhood ground level space but nevertheless commentated it and said “but Likely disagree party and likely pointed the sign of party and made unknown one palmal edge in which make me ownership as result  I have never learned it when to cell. “At a time as midmorning and the month is 8 me and the diamond farm met face to face whereas my showcase happness as oceanic blue with full of death displacement isn’t it on the small rare recall dosick bridge for the whollife cw2 lowment center in which I was the single and the soul diamond famer. “Whileas it is the sowment exporter dosick bridge as it said let make appointment stay a while as prayer though my house and loomed face alonety was pheted it as I was also told that we go todaythere by the community but it was not approapriate time as dark-cloud night as nightmare ebb is possible ahead instead the names price over the camelwork is not easy to delay it to go”.

However, we have the right mind action for 10.000 reasons poemed and firmly portrayed prayer motto’s by supposed to bless the God as nobody knows whether he still on the trip or back to his residence.

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