By estimating how-far the first two strategic points can seem one-point prior to use it two-points as one though nobody can understand the God’s contention from individual heart to all. As result of that, the prepared groups for the all SDGs topical-points were not acknowledged how our God shared to them his argued viewpoints.

To understand these two topics 1. Poverty & 2. Zero Hunger issues first God sent me a small piece of soil better named “Zoilfa” in which reconnected me to the Bieshop Issa Venus Zoilfa, the preacher by taking with a teleconference meeting and soil-train for e-dialogue in order to discuss together with the global programation and restoration issues including the Current Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) ahead and about the2030 Contone 50.

I was told that I’m the older pope further for the religious knowledge board in across the God’s worlded soul’s nature according to the last holy religion scrip, the Koran and I will lead an initiative called Sowmali foundation together with religious University by partnering the lower chamber Union (ICU) as with the United Nations (UN) and her member states only first.


Respectively, Rev. Zoilfa told me that there is no ever-nourished poverty aim and it must for all of us to act the numerical order from God in which hesistated whatever we maything before our creation because it needs to understand the holicitation for projects against the prophet says “the nature changes all the vianced sub-missions sustainability” and better to know every meaning prior to write or create their wordical and numerical sentences.

Only God can say NO POVERTY ANYMORE on this world as he is the National Offer entitled it and as the whollifes officer (NO) the one can eradicate it in a minute implementation.

“According to themselves, eradicating poverty in all its forms remains one of the greatest challenges facing humanity over the years ahead due to climate change and manmade violence. While the number of people living in it and will extremely  povertized  too because many of them are still struggling for the most basic human needs in which only God can phet it” said H. E. Hon. Bieshop Issa Venus Zoilfa

Everybody should know the descriptions for the words “NO” and POVERTY?

  • The two alphabetic wordical word, stands for double meaningful aim in which looms as National  Officer (NO) because our God is the only actor within the whollifes organic comparing to livingthings and act them as their officer which can offer whatever meaning and works it maythink to do or did.
  • The seven alphabetic wordical word, stands for POXverty (it means the X-mail UN generation) genetic form for heriTage norm.

Know the description of the words ZERO and Hunger first?

•               The alphabetic wordical word of ZERO is consists of four (4) wordnuber but dosoundicly numerical form-sound, stands for the numerical meaning of O cubic orbit.

•               The alphabetic wordical word of Hunger is consists of six (6) wordnuber and stands for legal hope meaning though human being better know it as lack of food when it comes at the time for food eating (Empty Stomach).

“The SDGs are a bold commitment inquiry with defamation ropes to finish what we started at the humanity creation era, and end such threats poverilization in all forms and her dimensions by 2030, “This involves targeting the most vulnerable, increasing basic resources and services, and supporting communities affected by conflict and climate-related disasters”. H. E. Hon. Bieshop Issa Venus Zoilfa added

SOWMESHA University aim is building fiery with fayer sustainable development vision, knowledge and mission when it comes Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). As result of that, 20+30 is equal to 50 while the dosounic meaning of the Contone word is similar with that and is 50…for more details click here

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