Despite previously it was described that the Christmas is an annual festival commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ, observed primarily on December 25 as a religious and cultural celebration among billions of people around the world but mistimed centuries repurposed that is an annual festival commemorating for the birth of Jesus Christ though many Christian believer’s believe that it’s a rumour only and no one can’t confirm it as the exact date.

Obviously, there an important issue has come up with during that mistime periods in which anybody can’t also redefine only view church leaders connected with policy makers and that is an order indicating the rewriting for new Christian’s holy book through research, monitoring and evaluation to the global poems and poetries related song’s permission . as result of that, the issue become open and widely reshared many countries as it was acknowledged that this order is plural one with respected hallucination.

The new order allowed Christian to find songs determining the birth of a new” LAPTOP CHILD” whether or not to confirm that the child is G/Jesus Christ. Whatever it is let us come to describe the word CHRISTMAS itself and then continue to find the missing points. The word Christmas is just a word determining the existence of someone who heads the religious Mass communications from God such as (Key Rice “T” Mass) and stands for like that only meaning fully.

There is another issue related this ChrisTmas leader better named “DA’AAD” within the Somali song’s and poems though it was not publicly disseminated, researched and maltreated it due to lack of proper envoys who are dealing with the whole world poems and song’s monitoring and evaluation in order to bring together the common needed once.

However, SOWMESHA University has the right mandate to circulate the issue within the global community in order to allow them to meet the religious order doyennes which is public one with under obligation to the world.

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